PSYCH-K® is a fast, safe and effective way to change our mental patterns that prevent us from living our lives with health, peace, harmony and satisfaction.

95% of our cognitive capacity is outside of our conscious awareness. This structure, which is defined as the subconscious or unconscious, works automatically according to the existing records in our minds, without the need for us to pay attention to it. The functioning of our body, our perceptions, our decision processes, and our habitual emotions, thoughts and behaviors are largely governed by the subconscious. All our mental patterns and habits that support or hinder us about ourselves, life, and everyone and everything else are recorded here. The way of transitioning from our current life experience to the life we desire depends on the transformation of these mental patterns and perceptions. You can quickly, safely and easily transform your mental patterns that limit you in our individual sessions. Using a follow-up system we design together, you can observe and measure the impact of this transformation in your daily life.

We can do our sessions using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone.

Each session takes approximately 1 hour.

In the first part of our session, you describe the current situation that you want to change.

Then together we clarify the situation you want to happen instead of the current situation.

Together we do PSYCH-K® Balancing to transform your mental patterns and perception of stress.

In our sessions, you communicate with your subconscious and superconscious by using a muscle test which is specific to the PSYCH-K® process. Thus, throughout the process you can confidently verify via muscle testing, whether:

– there is a need to balance

– it is safe and appropriate at that moment for you to balance

– there are any messages you need to receive from having that condition

– the process is complete

Together, we can design your personal follow up system so that you can observe and measure the impact of your transformation not only in the mental field, but also in your daily life.

We do our sessions mostly using video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) and over the phone. These sessions are as effective as face-to-face sessions. These tools also provide convenience in terms of transportation costs and time management.

In our PSYCH-K@ transformation processes, we benefit from the “Whole Brain State”, which ensures the balanced communication of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

During balancing, you communicate with your subconscious and superconscious by using a muscle test specific to the PSYCH-K® process. Thus, you can confidently progress at every stage of your transformation process and verify in the moment that the process has been completed successfully.

After the sessions you can start to witness and enjoy how your new mental structure is reflected in your life with the action steps you take.

This depends on many factors including the subject, person and situation we work on. However, I can generally say that most of my clients begin noticing changes starting with their first session.

I think every one of us is responsible for his/her own transformation process and we do all have the necessary internal resources for it.

We can always decide:
– what our needs are
– which subjects we would like to work on and transform
– whether we need to have more sessions to complete our process

Our subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what we can achieve. If your life feels like a car being driven with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict can show up in your relationships, self-esteem, school and job performance, athletics, weight loss, prosperity, even your physical health. If you are facing challenges in any of these areas, you can contact me.

We also use Relationship Balance to gain insight into the areas we struggle with in our relationships, deepen our understanding, and transform the mental patterns (beliefs) that cause us to sabotage ourselves and our relationship.

With this process, it is possible to facilitate transformation in our relationship with:

  • ourselves
  • other people (Ex: mother, father, sibling, spouse, lover, friend, our manager at work, teachers, etc.)
  • any particular subject (Ex: money, love, mathematics, philosophy, country, etc.)

It is an effective way to transform core beliefs that have a profound impact on all of our decisions, behavior and results.

With this balance we facilitate transformation of any limiting impact associated with birth trauma and fear of death.

“I could not sit down, focus and complete my thesis for 6 months. I almost had no energy to read anything. Within 2 weeks following our session I completed and presented it to my advisor. Now I am a graduate!”

“I realized that an allergic reaction in my body was primarily related to my relationships. After the session, the complaints that I had suffered every spring for so many years almost completely disappeared.”

“During the period of working from home, I became less mobile and social. My energy drained and I started to have difficulties in my relationship with my partner. Immediately after the first session, I noticed that my energy increased and I became active again. I want to continue these sessions.”

“I was easily emotionally triggered during the divorce process. After the first session, I realized that I could stay calmer and no longer get lost in emotions.”

“I realized how unrealistic and burdensome my expectations were from myself. After the sessions I started feeling more compassionate towards both myself and my family.”

“Actually, I didn’t come to the sessions to quit smoking. But one of the benefits of the sessions was about smoking. I used to smoke around 30 a day, but now I only smoke 2 cigarettes a day.”

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The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. Its purpose is to engage the mind/body’s natural self-healing processes in order to complement, not replace, usual, customary, and reasonable medical treatment and medical care by qualified medical practitioners. PSYCH-K® processes are not designed to diagnose medical conditions. Nor is PSYCH-K® designed to treat, heal, or cure any disease, illness, physical disability, medical problem, or mental illness, whether chronic or acute. PSYCH-K® is not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or professional mental health care. PSYCH-K® is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such.